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What the feature does?

How the feature looks when in action?

How to set-up the feature?

How to add content to the feature?

What the features does?

People as the name describes is that section of the app which gives the user the complete information about the event or the purpose of the app. This usually includes details about the speakers, speaker notes or any other message from the event organizers.

How the feature looks when in action?

The info section of the app is shown in action with the help of some screenshots. This will give you the idea of how the feature can be used and how it renders on the mobile device(Android in this case)

In this image the top portion is called as the banner and is used to add images which you wish to show on the app. A maximum of 4 images can be added and they cycle constantly with a gap of few seconds.

Below that the the blue bar are the tabs which are used to categorize the information to enable better understanding. You can create as many tabs as required and can cycle between them. We recommend giving small titles to the tabs which provide the crux of the information written in the tab.

This image shows us that the What? tab of the info portion of the app has two sections viz. 

What is Employee Engagement?

What's employee engagement for you and me as employees? 

You can add sections to a tab if you wish to divide the information provided into multiple paragraphs. Each section has its own heading and content.

The image below shows the sections created for WHAT? tab and how they render on a mobile device.


How to set-up the feature?

Please find the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Select you app

3. Click on Modules from the bunch of options given

4. Click on Features from the options given

5. Now we need to add the Info feature in the module

  • Click on the Pick a Feature bar and search for info
  • Click on the Add Feature button present just below the search button
  • The feature is now added to the module
  • Now click on the Info feature created and you will be taken to a different screen where you can configure the name of the feature, can change the icon rendered on the device and make it visible/invisible for the end user

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

How to add content to the feature?

Now that we have added the module, we need to add content. Please find the steps to add content below:

1. Hover over the left-hand side pane

2. Click on the Content button

3. Now click on the Info tab and add the required info

4. Click on Save after you have added all the relevant data

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

In the Contact Information you can the information as shown below and the information added gets displayed on the top of the page in the device. The information added renders in the form of buttons and hyperlinks to maps, email and website.

The banner images cycle between themselves and change after pre-defined number of seconds.

Now we will create tabs within info and add content to those tabs

1. Click on Add Tab and give the relevant title(we are using tabs named as What and Why)

2. Now that the tab is added we need to create a Section to add content

3. Click on Add new Section and give the Title for that section and add text in the Content section

4. Click Save

5. You can create multiple sections but each section has to have a Title and a Content section

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

With this we have covered the INFO section. Please do reach out to us if you need any further help or you think it can be improved and we would be happy to help.