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What the feature does?

How the feature looks when in action?

How to set-up the feature?

How to add content to the feature?

What the features does?

FAQ's as the name describes is that section of the app which gives the user the complete information about the event or the purpose of the app. This usually includes answers to general questions which can range from:

1. What is the optimum time to reach the venue?

2. Whom should I notify if I wont be able to make it to the event?

3. When and where is the conference scheduled to take place?

4. What are the features of the app?

5. Can I post pictures of the event?

6. I see the polls button. How can I participate in these?

7. Is it mandatory to complete my profile?

8. Is the app linked to social media?

9. Who all can access the app?

10. My post on the message board got deleted. Is this is a glitch?

How the feature looks when in action?

The FAQ section of the app is shown in action with the help of some screenshots. This will give you the idea of how the feature can be used and how it renders on the mobile device(Android in this case)

In this image the question asked is called as the title and is used to answer the query(ies) the user(s) might have. Below that the answer is called as the content and is used to give the answer to that particular query.

You can answer as many questions as you wish for pertaining to the event or the purpose of the app.

How to set-up the feature?

Please find the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Select your app

3. Click on Modules from the bunch of options given

4. Click on Features from the options given

5. Now we need to add the FAQs feature in the module

  • Click on the Pick a Feature bar and search for FAQ
  • Click on the Add Feature button present just below the search button
  • The feature is now added to the module
  • Now click on the FAQ feature created and you will be taken to a different screen where you can configure the name of the feature, can change the icon rendered on the device and make it visible/invisible for the end user

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

How to add content to the feature?

Now that we have added the module, we need to add content. Please find the steps to add content below:

1. Hover over the left-hand side pane

2. Click on the Content button

3. Now click on the FAQs tab and add the required info

4. Click on Save after you have added all the relevant data

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

Now we will create tabs within FAQs and add content to those tabs

1. Click on New Tab and give a relevant title and answer to that query

2. Now that the tab is added with a query and the answer to that query 

3. We can also add Section(s) to any tab which can be used to further elaborate on a query without being too verbose

4. If you are willing to add a section, you just need to give the Title for that section and add text in the Content box

5. Click Save

6. You can create multiple sections but each section has to have a Title and a Content section

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

With this we have covered the FAQs section. Please do reach out to us if you need any further help or you think it can be improved and we would be happy to help.