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What the feature does?

How the feature looks when in action?

How to set-up the feature?

How to configure the feature?

What the features does?

Profile as the name describes is that section of the app which allows the user to input his/her basic information as required by the organization. The fed information is then used by the organization to come organize the users based on certain parameters and design policies in and around its users. 

How the feature looks when in action?

The Profile section of the app is shown in action with the help of some screenshots. This will give you the idea of how the feature can be used and how it renders on the mobile device(Android in this case)

In this image, we can see that the feature is configured in a way that user will see the Sessions he needs to attend, any conversations he/she is having with any of his team members and a log of all his actions on the app, shown by the My Activity Log. He/She can also Edit his/her profile and input the information required by the organization.

In this image you can see the user Profile and the mandatory fields that are required to be filled by the user. We can add custom fields(Team in this case) to the profile section based on our needs and can make those fields mandatory if we want to.

How to set-up the feature?

Please find the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Select you app

3. Click on Modules from the bunch of options given

4. Click on Features from the options given

5. Now we need to add the Profile feature in the module

  • Click on the Pick a Feature bar and search for Profile
  • Click on the Add Feature button present just below the search button
  • The feature is now added to the module
  • Now click on the Profile feature created and you will be taken to a different screen where you can configure the name of the feature, can change the icon rendered on the device and make it visible/invisible for the end user

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

In this image, you can see the various configuration options available:

1. Show Points: This allows the user to see the number of points he/she has accumulated till date(This will only happen if Gamification is enabled. We will cover Gamification in one of our future topics)

2. Show Conversations: This makes the conversation tab to be visible in the profile section and helps the user to keep a log of the team members he/she is having a conversation from within the app.

3. Show Calendar: 

4. Show Activity Log: This feature allows the user to see all the activities that he/she has done over the app. This assures that the user is on top of things and knows what all they have interacted within the app.

How to configure the feature?

1. Go to

2. Select you app

3. Click on People from the bunch of options given

4. That will show all the users that have been added to the system

5. The Users group shows all the users added to the system 

6. Now click on Settings button present on the top-right corner of the page

7. Now click on Manage Additional Fields 

8. From there you can configure all the fields that you wish to have in the profile section and also create new fields as per need

The flow is being shown in screenshots below:

In this image, you can cycle between various groups that are present and you can see and add users to those groups

The Mandatory field ensure that the end-user has to fill in a value in this filed

The Visible field allows the end-user to make the field visible or hidden on the Profile page

The User Editable field allows the end user to edit the values in the profile section. If you decide to un-check the "User Editable" option, the values for that particular field needs to fed from the backend. If you wish to add any more fields other than the pre-set ones, you can do the same from the Additional Fields section of the page.

With this we have covered the Rich Profile section. Please do reach out to us if you need any further help or you think it can be improved and we would be happy to help.